Giffing Revenge

Finally, to end this assignment, the next task from the ds106 bank within the animated gif assignment was to create an animated gif from a television show that uses subtitles to tell the story.

For this task, I had decided to go with my favourite tv show ‘Power’  and turn it into a gif. The reason behind me choosing this specific scene from Power is because it was unexpected and it shocked me. This is because you do not expect a young kid to take his mothers gun and go to a dirty police officer’s house/ hideout to go and kill him in cold blood, even though the dirty police officer had killed his sister. The tv show had me thinking that the father would have killed the police officer, which in reality was the big plot twist.


The process of making of the gif was relatively easy as I went onto inserted the YouTube URL link and converted it. To add the subtitles I had linked my facebook account to log in and where it shows captions I had pressed add and put in the subtitle ‘You killed my sister’ and placed it at the bottom of the gif.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 15.59.47.png

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