Giffing Revenge

Finally, to end this assignment, the next task from the ds106 bank within the animated gif assignment was to create an animated gif from a television show that uses subtitles to tell the story.

For this task, I had decided to go with my favourite tv show ‘Power’  and turn it into a gif. The reason behind me choosing this specific scene from Power is because it was unexpected and it shocked me. This is because you do not expect a young kid to take his mothers gun and go to a dirty police officer’s house/ hideout to go and kill him in cold blood, even though the dirty police officer had killed his sister. The tv show had me thinking that the father would have killed the police officer, which in reality was the big plot twist.


The process of making of the gif was relatively easy as I went onto inserted the YouTube URL link and converted it. To add the subtitles I had linked my facebook account to log in and where it shows captions I had pressed add and put in the subtitle ‘You killed my sister’ and placed it at the bottom of the gif.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 15.59.47.png


Guess them songs

For this assignment in the ds106 bank, I had moved onto the mashup category. This task required me to mix some songs together and have the person listening to it guess what the song is. This assignment I enjoyed and got carried away because when I was looking for the songs to use on youtube I kept on getting distracted and listening to the whole length of the song rather than looking for a couple of seconds to use. So this led me to wasting quite a bit of time as I literally couldn’t stop listening to music.

Choosing the songs to use and choosing what part of the song to use was harder then expected because I didn’t want it to be too hard but at the same time I didn’t want it to be easy to guess, so I did a mix of easy and hard. For a couple of the songs I would use the chorus, which makes it quite easy but some of the others I used verses from the song just to make it a bit more difficult. Also, I tended to use songs that are relatively recent within the charts.

The creating of this mashup was relatively straightforward​. I would download the songs that I needed from youtube and import the audio into audacity and crop out the audio that I didn’t need. When I had chosen the audio that I wanted I then put it all together and then uploaded it to soundcloud.Go check out my mashup and try and guess what songs I have put together! Click here!!Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 19.47.13.png


To begin this task I had chosen an assignment from the video assignment section within the ds106 bank.  The one I had chosen to tackle is creating a musicless video which invlolves adding some sound effects to the video.

This assignment was very entertaining to complete and I had a lot of fun searching for sound effects to include within this assignment. When I was deciding what video to choose there were two distinct videos that stood out in my head that would be great with sound effects. The first video that I thought of was Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus which was a meme heaven on the internet and has probably been mocked by the whole world. However, the video that I decided to go with was world-wide phenomenon  PSY Gangnam style. In my opinion, this video is the greatest thing to go on youtube, as it has everything including that crazy dance.

Once I downloaded the Gangnam style video and imported it into iMovie, I had removed the audio and added some sound effects. I had used freesound to find the sound effects that I wanted to put in the video. Some of the effects include a yawn, someone saying blah blah blah, someone saying oh yeah and finally a scream. I personally think that this video didn’t need a lot of sound effects as the video without audio was already funny and weird, which is wonderful to watch.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 20.59.53

Go watch my attempt and making a musicless video and let me know what you think!!

Click here!!

Quick draw… more like slow draw!​​

For this assignment within the ds106 bank I had moved onto the web part of this assignment. The one I had chosen to do to is the google draw something because it looked fun and provided me with entertainment (who doesn’t want to play a game for part of their coursework!!). Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 16.36.32

Normally with drawing games, I’m pretty bad or sometimes I have the occasional​ game where I think that I’m the next Vincent Van Gough, but my attempt at drawing an avocado was horrendous​. Also, I don’t​ even know what went through my head when trying to draw a drill because​ that drawing is awful and doesn’t​ look one bit like a drill.  Probably the only the thing that makes that drawing look like some sort of drill would be the little trigger, ​however, I think the little trigger makes it look more like a dodgy gun. I’m really surprised​ that Google​e was able to guess the first drawing of the nail because it was a pretty bad drawing. The one thing I learnt from playing this game is that I am not an artist and should carry on drawing stick figures when I need to draw something.

Overall, this assignment was fun to do as the 20-second​ timer in which you have to complete the drawing made the game interesting and challenging at the same time.


This time around in the ds106 assignment bank I had to do an audio assignment. The one I have chosen to do is to create a place by just using sound. So to begin this assignment I wrote down a bunch of ideas that I could possibly create with just sound. One of these ideas was creating a hectic shopping centre, however, after gathering sound from freesound, I didn’t really like the outcome of the shopping centre as it just didn’t seem realistic.

I then thought of the idea of creating something outside which allows me to be that bit more creative. This is when the idea formed of an eyewitness watching a car crash and gasping in shock. To start off the process of creating this piece, I had decided to browse through freesound and look for cars passing as a noise. After I had found this, I then searched for car crash and also searched for someone gasping in shock and once I found the sound I was looking for, I then opened audacity and imported the audio, cropped out some of the audio that I didn’t need, and put it in the order I wanted. I was much happier with the car crash sound as it sounds much more realistic then the shopping centre.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.39.34.png

To hear what this sounds like head over to my SoundCloud and check it out!

The Green Arrow Banner

You have failed this city…….

Green Arrow has to be one of my favourite superhero tv shows as it has everything a tv show needs to have to catch my attention such as fight scenes, romantic scenes (who doesn’t like a good old romantic comedy)  and major plot twits that leave you excited to watch the next episode.**Spoiler Alert** The best plot twist that comes to my mind is when Oliver Queen had someone called Adrian Chase working for him and he turned out to be a villain who was trying to kill him because nobody saw it coming which was great. I think what makes the Green Arrow so good is the acting by Stephen Amell, who plays the main character ‘Oliver Queen’ aka the ‘Green Arrow’,

green arrow assignment

To make this banner, I had simply opened up a new document in photoshop and changed the height and width of the page to 800mm in height and 2100mm in width, this allowed for a smaller page. I then went onto google to find a nice plain background so it would take any attention away from the banner itself. At first I chose a plain black background, however, after adding the images to the page it didn’t look the way I wanted it to be, for that reason I had chosen a dark green background which looked more like the way I wanted it. I then found an image of the green arrow and placed him onto the page. At first I had placed him in the middle of the banner but because of the way he is standing in the picture, it looked a bit weird in the middle of the banner, so I moved him to the left of the banner which looks a lot better. Similarly, I placed the text in the top right corner but yet again it did not look nice in either corner because the ‘G’ and the ‘A’ are not in line, so the middle was the best place for it.

Photobombed…? (Unit 5)

This is my attempt at doing the Forest Gump assignment in the ds106 assignment bank. This involved me finding a historic photo and editing myself into it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 22.32.26

I think this photo is great because the two guys at the back just seem that they are not interested in the photo that is being taken. The first thought that came into my head when I saw the guy in the back looking into the sky was ‘It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s Superman” he just seems utterly distracted and it’s great, he’d rather be anywhere else than taking this photo.

Another reason why I liked this photo is because you could easily insert a picture and it wouldn’t look off to much, there was no changing the angle of the picture to accommodate it. If I hadn’t inserted myself into this picture someone else could have easily been standing there.


The picture above is the picture I had cropped and placed into the old black and white photo. To do this I used photoshop and used the magnetic tool and cropped myself out of the picture, and changed the colour settings on the photo to black and white so I could somewhat fit in with the photo. Unfortunately, I could not get the colours to match but it was the closest I could get it.