Quick draw… more like slow draw!​​

For this assignment within the ds106 bank I had moved onto the web part of this assignment. The one I had chosen to do to is the google draw something because it looked fun and provided me with entertainment (who doesn’t want to play a game for part of their coursework!!). Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 16.36.32

Normally with drawing games, I’m pretty bad or sometimes I have the occasional​ game where I think that I’m the next Vincent Van Gough, but my attempt at drawing an avocado was horrendous​. Also, I don’t​ even know what went through my head when trying to draw a drill because​ that drawing is awful and doesn’t​ look one bit like a drill.  Probably the only the thing that makes that drawing look like some sort of drill would be the little trigger, ​however, I think the little trigger makes it look more like a dodgy gun. I’m really surprised​ that Google​e was able to guess the first drawing of the nail because it was a pretty bad drawing. The one thing I learnt from playing this game is that I am not an artist and should carry on drawing stick figures when I need to draw something.

Overall, this assignment was fun to do as the 20-second​ timer in which you have to complete the drawing made the game interesting and challenging at the same time.

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