This time around in the ds106 assignment bank I had to do an audio assignment. The one I have chosen to do is to create a place by just using sound. So to begin this assignment I wrote down a bunch of ideas that I could possibly create with just sound. One of these ideas was creating a hectic shopping centre, however, after gathering sound from freesound, I didn’t really like the outcome of the shopping centre as it just didn’t seem realistic.

I then thought of the idea of creating something outside which allows me to be that bit more creative. This is when the idea formed of an eyewitness watching a car crash and gasping in shock. To start off the process of creating this piece, I had decided to browse through freesound and look for cars passing as a noise. After I had found this, I then searched for car crash and also searched for someone gasping in shock and once I found the sound I was looking for, I then opened audacity and imported the audio, cropped out some of the audio that I didn’t need, and put it in the order I wanted. I was much happier with the car crash sound as it sounds much more realistic then the shopping centre.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.39.34.png

To hear what this sounds like head over to my SoundCloud and check it out!

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