The Green Arrow Banner

You have failed this city…….

Green Arrow has to be one of my favourite superhero tv shows as it has everything a tv show needs to have to catch my attention such as fight scenes, romantic scenes (who doesn’t like a good old romantic comedy)  and major plot twits that leave you excited to watch the next episode.**Spoiler Alert** The best plot twist that comes to my mind is when Oliver Queen had someone called Adrian Chase working for him and he turned out to be a villain who was trying to kill him because nobody saw it coming which was great. I think what makes the Green Arrow so good is the acting by Stephen Amell, who plays the main character ‘Oliver Queen’ aka the ‘Green Arrow’,

green arrow assignment

To make this banner, I had simply opened up a new document in photoshop and changed the height and width of the page to 800mm in height and 2100mm in width, this allowed for a smaller page. I then went onto google to find a nice plain background so it would take any attention away from the banner itself. At first I chose a plain black background, however, after adding the images to the page it didn’t look the way I wanted it to be, for that reason I had chosen a dark green background which looked more like the way I wanted it. I then found an image of the green arrow and placed him onto the page. At first I had placed him in the middle of the banner but because of the way he is standing in the picture, it looked a bit weird in the middle of the banner, so I moved him to the left of the banner which looks a lot better. Similarly, I placed the text in the top right corner but yet again it did not look nice in either corner because the ‘G’ and the ‘A’ are not in line, so the middle was the best place for it.

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