Daily create- #tdc2128- Earth Picker

I feel like a robot repeating myself with how fun these daily creates that I do are but genuinely it was fun to do. I’ve never done this before which is surprising considering how many times I’ve been onto google maps looking at other cities in the world. As you can see by the screen shot below the average distance searched by other people is 1,339km and mine is a whopping 16,750km searched, as you can clearly see my geographical skills are pretty much useless thank god I don’t need to study it anymore.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 15.31.47This game also brought out my inner detective because it had me looking out for signs and advertisements and things that would give away what country the earth picker had chosen, which would give you a clue but unless you can recognise the language of the sign you’re still going to struggle haha.

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