Fast to Slow- dude perfect #ds106 #dailycreate

Dude perfect, the best at doing the impossible or unimaginable when it comes to sports, from shooting basketball hoops from rooftops, to doing long range golf shots which look amazing on camera. Dude perfect were my inspiration for this daily create as not only did it give me the opportunity to go through some of their videos, it gave me the chance to slow down one of their awesome trick shots and really take in how good of a shot with the crossbow it really was. The skill it must take to pull of such a great shot like this and for the arrow to hit the ball into the pocket is really cool.


So this is my first blog post for #ds106 and hopefully there are many more to come weather it is me doing a daily create or perhaps me just blogging for fun.

Make sure you check out my twitter to see me interact with the daily creates.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 12.26.54.png

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